Bringing the old back to life …

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Mechanics & Body shop :

Rik Dehean is here to welcome you into his workshop, with over 30 years experience in
Restoration and repairs of classic vehicles.


History … background… backstory…

Rik Dehaen has been actively devoted to cars since a young age, with affinities for older European models such as FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Citroen 2Cv, Renault and Peugeot.

In 1983 his passion for cars led him to become a certified mechanic in Belgium where he worked with the Suzuki brand, eventually owning and operating his own dealership.


His love for Quebec grew when he started importing to Belgium classic Chevrolets which he restored and sold while doing the same with Citroen 2CV and exporting them to Quebec.

His migration to La Belle Province was written in the stars where he and his wife packed up and moved to Quebec in 2013.


Les Automobiles de Rik opens its doors in a charming little village tucked in the Lanaudiere mountains called St Alphonse Rodriguez where the lifestyle here mirrors his artistic way of life.